Below another sky @ Aberdeen Art Gallery!

Its funny how you can follow an artist or gallery on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, maybe even Tinder if they're into that kind of thing but you still don't always find out what's going on. It was only through an awkward wait in a reception that I picked up a brochure for Below another sky which led to me to Aberdeen Art Gallery for a look.

Below another sky has been 2 years in the making and is part of the Commonwealth Games Scotland 2014 Year of Culture. The project took 10 UK artists and sent them off to live and work in different Commonwealth countries while 10 International artists were invited to Scotland to work with the Scottish Print Network. The artists were tasked with a cultural investigation of sorts, exploring and experiencing their destinations and turning those experiences into a piece of work or set of prints. Aberdeen's Peacock Visual Arts were one of the supporting partners in the project along with the Glasgow Print Studio, the DCA in Dundee, Edinburgh Printmakers and Highland Print Studio

The results of the exchange are currently on display at the Art Gallery and they are really worth checking out. Although each artist has been tasked with using the same medium they've each taken their own unique approach to the brief and of course the diversity of their individual experiences shines through. Some personal favourites were Julia Dault's geometric layered works which are really nice to look at up close, Rohini Devasher's "Always Take The Weather With You" is pretty mesmerising and the grainy finish on her prints adds a little something. Michael Fullerton's portraits stand out for their tonal quality and almost solarized effect while Jim Lambie's "Sun Visor" is just a beautiful explosion of colour! Seher Shah shows some mind bending prints which play with 3D on a 2D surface and David Shrigley's textural pieces bring add his own unique sense of humour to the show. I think the piece which stood out he most though is Scott Myles text piece "Gimme Shelter". Although sticking to the same format as his previous works the words seem to jump off the page and slap you round the head. I think there's a real messy energy to the work which is quite refreshing, seeing the ink smudged edges of his prints, left for all to see is great.

Of course all the work on display is fantastic and as a whole is a really spcecial body of work. And as it took 2 years to bring it all together I would bloody hope so. You can find out information about each artist and where they went on their travels via the Below another sky website and they've also produced a really nice booklet which you can pick up at Peacock Visual Arts. The show will run from now until the 24th January 2015 so make sure you pop in for a look and immerse yourself in something new. 

Real Nice Co @ Perth Art Gallery & Museum!

Perth, Scotland is a nice enough place, its a nice stopping point if your travelling to Glasgow or Edinburgh but there isn't that much there. So I suprised myself by jumping on a train and making Perth my destination but I had 5 pretty good reasons, Mike Hughes, Cosmic Nuggets, Emily Moore, Katie Shiach and baby Rory. 

Some how they convinced Perth Museum & Art Gallery to let them draw a giant mural on one of their walls and install some paintings and art work. And it looks great, amazing even. Katie, Mike & Emily make up part of Real Nice Co and they invited Cosmic Nuggets to add his touch to the mural. The mural itself is massive, stretching across the entire back wall, its a real beast and I'm amazed that Katie managed to finish her piece, being 8 1/2 months pregnant when they first put pen to wall. Each artist has put their own distinctive touch on the wall and it blends together like one big fluid panorama of surealness! 

Along with the mural Emily Moore also showed a selection of large and smaller scale pieces on wood panels. If you don't know Emily's work then get familiar, seriously talented artist who ill be doing a special post about real soon. Also Mike has shown a selection of new abstract paintings which hes been working on for the past few months, exploring shape, colour and depth, real nice indeed.

Sadly I think the show is down or is coming down soon but you can participate in a special screen printing work shop being run by Emily on the 28th, more info here. I've also taken some video footage so ill pop that up when its done. Awesome work guys and gals and congratulations to Katie who's little burger muncher entered the world not long after the mural was completed and hes just as amazing as his painting counterpart!k

Toaster hits Aberdeen, no one cares!

So its not everyday that an internationally acclaimed street artist hits Aberdeen but it did happen. If you don't know who Toaster is then check out this short documentary here. When I saw the photo of an original Toaster piece taped to a lamp post down at the Denburn dual carriage way I just about jumped out my seat. The first Toaster Tuesday saw the artist leave an original Toaster piece taped in a public place for anyone to claim, you just had to be in the know.  

I was off cruising down Union Street at full pelt, hoping that no one else had spotted their post and I'd be first on the scene to claim my prize. Sadly it had been nabbed shortly after the elusive artist posted the location and photo (see 2nd below). Although a little disappointed to have missed it the fact that a piece appeared in Aberdeen is great. Making the effort to come all this way certainly brightened up my day and finding their gold Toaster stickers plastered about down by the train station has been a treat. 

So far they've left original pieces in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Derby & London. Where they will strike next is anyone's guess but if you wanna keep in the loop then check out their facebook page.