'Feast Your Eyes' by Real Nice Co at Peacock Visual Arts!

Certainly one of the most colourful shows I've seen, Feast Your Eyes was just that, a feast of visual delights! Real Nice Co's Katie and Mike spent a few weeks painting up the walls down at Peacock Visual Arts along with the help of Molotow who provided pens and inks, explains why the colours popped so much! The show featured a 3 wall mural which weaved its way around the gallery like my face when I east spaghetti, covering every inch from floor to ceiling. 

The back portion of the gallery was used to showcase a suite of prints and artwork by each of the artists. Katie spent a few weeks prepping her prints at Peacocks and the finished editions looked fantastic. Mike's work also jumps off the wall, his attention to detail and skill is really second to none. The whole show really jumps off the walls and brings the duo's love of food into the fore, each character is serenely munching one some delicious treat, turtle shells become burger buns and marshmallows become happy smiley sprites! The fizzy pop looks a bit toxic but it doesn't seem to bother anyone. The opening night saw the walls come to life as guests were greeted with marshmallows and glasses of brightly coloured fizz, surrounded by a surreal world of technicoloured munchies. Shames if you missed it but I took a load of snaps just in case so have a scan below.

If you wanna find out more about Real Nice Co then give their Facebook page a follow, you can still pick up some of Mikes prints via his website and also Katie might have one or two prints left so dont hang about!  

Grays School of Art - Degree Show 2015!

Its been a bit of a slow old time for me lately and not due to a lack of interesting art shows or events but trying to renovate my first flat is taking its toll! But I've been doing my best to keep up to speed with everything that's been happening this summer and the Grays School of Art Degree Show is by far one of the biggest events of any creative year. Its a shame as I'd have loved to visit the Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee Degree Shows but maybe next year ill make it down. 

So 2015 has been another busy year for both staff and students over at the art school and now almost a month after the degree show opened its time to have a look at some highlights. As always you have the initial run around on the opening night which seems to be what most people base their views of the show on. One hit, one chance to make an impression but I've found that such a large body of work really needs a few visits. Like a great album that maybe doesn't hit the mark the first few times you listen to it and then a year later its never off the turntable! I've had this at previous degree shows, the stuff I like gets better the more I see and sometimes the work I'm not so into starts to make sense and sometimes work I really don't like ends up being my favourite! 

So this year saw a really strong turn out from the 3D Design & Design students with a strong range of wares from Carmel Wilkinson-Ayre whom I met via the Temporary Studio Project. I loved the shapes in Kayleigh Cummings work and was chuffed to see the Cosmic Wanker toy series from Paddy McAllister, an old primary school friend no less! Overall the standard of work in the Design show was high with a lot of great designs and products on display, too many to photograph with my iPhone! 

On the fine art side there's been a big change to the set up, now Print Making, Sculpture, Photography and Moving Image come under the banner of CAP or Contemporary Art Practice. How this has effected the students I'm not entirely sure but certainly from previous years there's been a branching out from certain students away from the confines of print making into 3D and sculpture and vice versa. Either way there's been a lot of great work produced this year across all disciplines. A few favourites included Caitlyn Main's distinctice drawings and characters, the sculptures and busts by David J Mitchell, Nabila Attar's colourful paintings, the drip skeletons and prints by Susan Amy Brand and Sean Wilson's pink fluffy installation. Of course there's a load more who stood out but there's only so much I can say so have a scan through the photos and check out some highlights.

Big congratulations to everyone who graduated last week and here's hoping you all manage to keep up the enthusiasm and energy which you've put into making the Grays Degree Show 2015 so fun to visit!